Would Your Olympian Benefit From A Handicap Tub?

Would Your Olympian Benefit From A Handicap Tub?

Would Your Olympian Benefit From A Handicap Tub?


The Olympics are almost here again and most athletes have already begun preparation for the grueling competition that awaits them. From putting in extra hours of practice, to rigorously cutting back on unhealthy foods, athletes are now in the final stretch of training before the big day arrives.

Because the Olympics are only held once every four years, a very large amount of these athletes won’t be able to take part more than two or three times in their lifetimes – some only qualify once. For this reason, it’s imperative that Olympians should do everything they can to prepare themselves in these final days leading up to the games.

But with all the practice and pressure, athletes ought to be doing everything they can to prevent injury and stay in the best possible shape. One thing that has proven very beneficial is taking regular baths in a whirlpool bathtub.

The Benefits Of Whirlpool Bathtubs

Whirlpool bathtubs have become quite popular among athletes for the benefits they offer. Many trainers and sports therapists have started using them for every kind of athlete – whether young or old. Jetted tubs are great for athletes participating in a broad variety of different sports. This is because these tubs have wonderful health benefits that can even be good for those who work office jobs and are sedentary for long periods every day. That’s because the health benefits jetted bathtubs offer are great for reducing muscular pains and increasing overall health.

Benefits at a Glance!









Improved Circulation

Because whirlpools have both warm water and massage jets, they aid better circulation to muscles. Blood vessels also open up, helping more nutrients and oxygen to reach your organs while also reducing pain caused by arthritis and stiffness. For athletes, this improved blood circulation could assist in the healing of injuries while also helping to keep muscles generally healthier for those who don’t have any problems. Using a whirlpool after training could help cool down more effectively and athletes prevent soreness.

Stress Reduction

Practicing for the Olympics is very stressful. There’s a large amount of performance pressure on athletes and experiencing too much stress can sadly have an adverse effect and lead to poorer performance instead. Using a jetted tub can greatly help reduce your Olympian’s stress in these final days before he or she finally competes. Using a jetted tub is a very relaxing experience and some people even find that using such a tub before bedtime facilitates better sleep.

More Flexibility

When muscles are more flexible, the risk of incurring an injury while training is significantly lower. Besides increased flexibility, there are also other advantages to stretching, such as increased blood and nutrients to tissues. Unfortunately, stretching can cause serious injury when it isn’t done right. Stretching cold muscles can do harm rather than good in some cases. Because of this, many basic stretches can be performed in a jetted tub, so that muscles are warmed by the water before being stretched.

Jetted Tubs For Your Paralympic Athlete

While whirlpool bathtubs are great for ordinary athletes, many handicapped Olympians might not find them as easy to use. Many find it difficult to get in and out of a normal tub and the smooth surfaces can be a hazard, increasing the risk of a serious fall.

Because of the challenges the handicapped face, a special bathtub has been invented to help those with disabilities bath independently with less risk of falling. Handicap bathtubs are fitted with a special door to ease movement into and out of the tub, they also have a special non-slip surface for reducing the risk of a fall. Apart from this, many regulate the water temperate to keep it at an optimal warmth for athletes so that the heat will sustain improved blood circulation at all times.

Apart from all those features, many handicap bathtubs are fitted with jets that have a massaging effect and will leave your Olympian feeling fresh and relaxed while further aiding the circulation of blood and increasing the amount of oxygen to tissues.

Handicap bathtubs can be good for anyone who wants a safer bathing experience, but the non-slip surface makes it a particularly good choice for athletes suffering from osteoporosis, as a fall is almost sure to cause fractures or broken bones that would eliminate their chance of participating in the Olympics.

The great thing about handicap bathtubs, is that anyone can use them. So having a handicap bathtub fitted won’t negatively affect people or athletes who aren’t handicapped, as they’ll also be able to use it. And while having a walk-in tub installed won’t make a difference for those who aren’t disabled, a regular tub won’t be nearly as convenient for those who do have disabilities.

If you’re interested in getting a handicap bathtubs fitted, feel free to contact Knoxville Walk In Tubs. We’ve been helping to make bathrooms safer for the handicapped for more than three years and will gladly help anyone who’s interested in having one fitted. A wide range of beautiful tubs to choose from means that you won’t have to compromise on good looks.