Walk-In Tubs Provide Hydrotherapy for Senior Citizens

Walk-In Tubs Provide Hydrotherapy for Senior Citizens



Have you ever heard of hydrotherapy?  We often think of hydrotherapy as the process of hydrating one’s body by drinking water.  This is often referred to as Internal Hydrotherapy, and is an ancient form of healthcare for individuals who desire to reap the benefits from natural minerals found in spring water.  Unfamiliar to the general public, however, is External Hydrotherapy – a holistic form of medicine that involves shooting water (through jets) onto an individual’s body in order to stimulate blood circulation.   The application of temperature and pressure can vary from person to person, but generally the process of repeatedly applying hydrotherapy to areas of pain, discomfort, and even disease, has proven to provide health benefits to an individual.

Rather than going to a nursing home for rehabilitation, or perhaps even a medical treatment center, having your very own personalized hydrotherapy pool is the most effective way to maximize health benefits.  Many senior citizens are already considering renovating their bathroom in order to make it safer, thereby reduce the risk of a fall.  Installing a walk-in tub not only helps make your bathroom more “senior-friendly” but also provides you with your very own hydrotherapy pool.  Below are 3 ways walk-in tubs can help increase health benefits among senior citizens:

Relieves Arthritic Joint Pain

Many senior citizens suffer symptoms of pain and discomfort from Arthritis.  Whether you are suffering from Osteoarthritis (wear and tear) or Rheumatoid Arthritis (inflammation), walk in tubs can treat the symptoms by shooting warm water into the joints, thereby increase oxygen-rich blood to the area.  Many seniors are already confined to a wheelchair, and already have the burden of requiring costly home mobility equipment such as a wheelchair ramp or stair lift.  Although hydrotherapy from a walk in tub is a cure for arthritis, it certainly can alleviate the symptoms, and perhaps even get you out of that wheelchair once and for all.

Relieves Back Pain

One of the reasons that back pain is so difficult to relieve is because we are constantly using the muscles and joints in our backs throughout the day.  One common misconception is that sitting will take pressure off of our backs, however sitting can be just as damaging to the spine as standing, especially in cases of pinched or deviated nerves.  Walk-in tubs are designed for seniors to lie down, essentially taking pressure off the vertebrate in the back.   By using the body’s natural buoyancy, along with pressurized water in areas of muscles spasms, back pain is often alleviated or even cured altogether.

Helps Improve Mood and Mental Health

Hydrotherapy has been linked with improving mood, decreasing depression and anxiety, and improving overall mental health.  The powerful jets from the walk in tubs often has a “massage-like” effect on the body, and warm water, especially on the chest and neck, has been proven to have a calming and relaxing effect.  Furthermore, many seniors put oil aromas in the tub such as lavender or mint, which also has a relaxing effect.

Article written by Alex Milzer with Senior Directory