Take Advantage of Your Small Bathroom

Take Advantage of Your Small Bathroom

Limited space in a bathroom can be unpleasant to deal with. Especially if you want to have a handicap tub installed, but you’re worried about space. Luckily there are design changes you can make to use your bathroom space more efficiently. By maximizing the efficiency of your design, might still be able to fit a handicap bathtub and enjoy all its benefits.

Here are a few ideas that can help you get the most out of your small bathroom.

Use Corner Space

One thing that’ll instantly open floor space in your bathroom is moving your sink, storage or toilet closer to corners, thereby opening space for you to walk. Of course, this might not be doable in every bathroom. The best way to use any corner space you have available is by installing triangular floating shelves that are stacked. This can be the perfect place to keep fresh towels.

Smarter Storage

Think about storage practically. Floating shelves can be much better to store towels than a closed cabinet. Using floating shelves will open up a considerable amount of floor space and make the bathroom feel roomier.

Also think carefully about what you store in your bathroom. You might buy toilet paper in bulk, but you don’t have to keep more than three roles in your bathroom at any given time. Guest towels also don’t need a permanent space in your small bathroom. Putting extra towels in your linen closet instead of your bathroom can significantly reduce the amount of storage space you need.

Space Efficient Towel Rails

When you’re working with limited space, every bit counts. Choose your towel rails carefully. You want your towel rail to be close enough to the wall to save space, but not so close that your towels touch the walls when you hang them. Don’t use an overly wide towel rail if you’re not going to use all the space. Alternatively, you could also consider using only towel rings instead of rails.

If you’re particularly short on space, you could leave out adding towel rails entirely. Instead, you could hang towels and bathrobes on hooks behind the door.

If you’re planning to install a walk-in tub, hanging towel rails on the wall above the bathtub is a good choice. Doing this, you won’t be using space elsewhere in your bathroom, but you’ll always have your towel handy after bathing.

Sink Stands

What you do with your sink stand will depend largely on how much space you have. If your bathroom is very small, you’ll have to be careful. You want enough space for the walk-in tub door to open. To open up floor space, you should consider not mounting your sink on a cabinet or stand. Rather have a wall-mounted sink installed, this will instantly make your small bathroom feel more open.

You should also consider having the sink installed so it’s at a comfortable height when you’re standing in front of it. Many sinks would be more comfortable, and require you to bend less while washing your face if they were a bit higher.

If you’re concerned about storage space, you can have custom fit, floating wall-mounted drawers installed under your sink. You’ll need a handyman to plan them for you and the drawers should preferably be made so the drainage plumbing from your sink won’t interfere.

Shower Doors

If you’re planning to add a shower, you should opt for one that has a sliding door instead of a swinging one. By doing this, you won’t need space for your door to open. You can easily install a shower with sliding doors anywhere without having to worry about whether it will be able to open.

Another handy design trick is to use clear glass instead of sanded glass. While this actually won’t help to make your space any bigger, it will certainly make it appear that way. Openness in your design should be a priority, anything that compartmentalizes (cuts your space into different sections) will instantly make it feel cramped.

Stick to A Color Theme

Color themes always bring out the best in spaces, but in small spaces, they’re even more important. Go for lighter, more natural colors that will reflect light. White looks crisp, clean and spacious so it’s an excellent choice for your main color. As an added benefit, it won’t be hard to find tubs, basins, toilets and tiles when you’re using white to decorate.

But don’t overdo it. Add some accents with tiles in other colors you’ve included in your theme. You could add tile accents in your other colors. If you’re feeling bold, you could add some bright mosaic work somewhere.

Solid Over Patterned

Avoid the overuse of busy patterns with a lot of detail. This is sure to make your space appear smaller. If you want to make your bathroom look interesting, experiment with textures instead. You can contrast smooth textures with matte, or soft textures with hard textures. Contrasting metallics and shiny things with mattes or natural textures (wood, bamboo and fabrics) can also add something visually interesting.

You can also play with mirrors. Mirrors don’t really take up much space and reflections can make space feel considerably larger.

It’s likely that you won’t need to implement all these ideas. Your space is unique, but hopefully you’ll see that there are ways to design a bathroom that allows you to make use of every inch in a more efficient way. It might not be easy, but you should aim to make the space as compact as possible while simultaneously making it feel more open. You could call a professional to give you ideas of what you can do to improve your bathroom, or perhaps just ask family and friends. That way you can get advice tailored to your specific budget and space.