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Give the Gift of Independence with a Walk-in Tub or Shower

It’s an unfortunate part of life – as people age, they become more fragile, forgetful and dependent on others to help them with everyday things. Everything from cooking meals to taking a bath can become dangerous. Depending on how mentally and physically unfit an elderly person is, they might really not be able to live alone. But independence is something elderly people value as much as anyone else. That’s why the best gift you can give your elderly loved ones [...]


Important Features of Walk-in Tubs To Look Into

On the off chance that you have elderly people or individuals with inability with you, you would need to give them all the adoration and care they require. Yet, in the meantime, you would likewise need to give their parental figures more prominent straightforwardness. One invite expansion to households with elderly and individuals with inability are walk-in bathtubs. These specific bathtubs offer a few advantages, particularly for individuals with versatility issues. For one, it makes bathing less demanding for [...]


Best Type of Toilet for a Wheelchair User

As we age the bathroom gets harder and harder to use alone, be it for baths or if you “gotta go”. We have founf this article to help those in a wheel chair find the best toilet bowl for them. What is the best toilet for a wheelchair user? The answer to this will depend on the size of the bathroom, structure of the bathroom’s walls, type of wheelchair used, and physical needs of the individual. We have identified a [...]