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Help Seniors to Prevent Falls

One of the biggest threats to seniors is falling, something that can be reduced by taking some precautions. This article goes over the best areas to focus on to keep yourself or a loved one safe in their home. To help keep the senior safe, go through each one of these observations in every area of the house and ask yourself the questions. Your response could mean that there are potential hazards in the home that can be resolved, [...]

Some reasons why you should consider a walk-in bathtub

The Knoxville Walk-in Tubs is much safer to use than the usual bathtub. Slipping and falling in the bathtub or shower can be fatal. Many people have died or have become seriously ill after a fall in the bath tub. Some of which were Ann B. Davis of The Brady Bunch who died from a bathroom fall and George Burns, who fell in his bathtub at the age of 99 and immediately after developed pneumonia and passed away. Falling [...]

The Most Popular Home Improvements Among Seniors and Retirees

Everyone wants to be able to age in the privacy of their own home. There re many devices now that will aid an elderly or disabled person in staying in their own home longer. This article goes over the most common renovations that people get to be able to stay in their home. Nearly 90% of people aged 65 and older wish to remain in their own homes as long as they are able. 80% of older Americans are [...]

Conceivable Tax Deductions for Pools, Spas, and Other Home Improvements

Some significant home upgrades, which may classify as restorative costs or for a medicinal use, might be tax deductible. Such changes incorporate pools, spas, lifts, lifts, ramps, and different gadgets that can help individuals living with a medical condition. Accommodating Home Improvements As per the IRS, costs identified with the analysis, cure, relief, treatment, or aversion of a medicinal condition or an ailment count as medical expenses. Furthermore, under this extensive variety of classes, you can likewise deduct the [...]

Toilets for Disabled Person: Which type is Best?

There are many reasons to want to look for or install a more accessible toilet, and one type may not be the best for another situation. Going over your options and seeing which features will work best for you is a basic first step. This article lists various toilet types and how their functions will aid your situation in the bathroom. In order for you to determine which type of toilet is right for you, it’s helpful to first [...]

“I Can’t Get Up From the Toilet!” 10 Remedies

There are many reasons why you may have trouble “getting off the pot”, and each of those reasons has a different solution. This article goes over the most common problems and how to overcome them when it comes to needing to use the toilet independently. A taller toilet seat can be attached to the top of the toilet bowl to increase the seat height. Raised toilet seats can be purchased in heights ranging from 2 to 7 inches. Most [...]

How Medicare, Medicaid or other programs may help you purchase a Knoxville Walk-in Tub

Medicare and Medicaid will pay for most absolutely necessary medical devices that people need. A new Walk-in Tub might be one of those medical devices, depending on your circumstances. There are specific things you need to do in order to get these helpful government programs to fund the installation of a Walk-in Tub in your home for yourself or a loved one. In rare circumstances Medicare will reimburse a patient’s walk-in tub expense or at least part of it. [...]

Curbless Shower: 8 Ways to Contain the Water Inside

When thinking of a curbless shower you may wonder, as most people do, how exactly the water is kept in the correct area and doesn’t get all over the floor of your bathroom. There are a few ways that various showers keep in the water, and this article goes over some of the more common ones. In general, from a water-containment perspective, a shower door will usually contain the water better than a shower curtain. If someone in [...]

Bathroom Safety Products for Seniors: Adding Grip to Your Bathroom to Prevent Falls

Do you have someone in your family that requires uncommon necessities? Maybe a senior who needs help when moving around the house or a relative who is physically debilitated? Physical impediments can keep a man and his or her friends and family from living regularly and securely inside their own particular home, yet the uplifting news is that things can be added to make your home a more secure place. Certain parts of the house are inclined to mischances, [...]

Benefits of Toilet Stools

As you age the bathroom is an obstacle course. “Going” to the bathroom gets harder and more of a chore. If you’re having issues in the bathroom a toilet stool helps your posture when its time. Read this article to see which stool would provide you with the most comfort and ease. Toilet Stools Promote a More Natural Position for Moving the Bowels. A toilet stool can be a helpful addition for persons who experience chronic constipation, hemorrhoids and [...]

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