Starting the New Year in Luxury

Starting the New Year in Luxury

Now that the holidays are over it’s time to get back to everyday life. At first, that might seem like a good thing. Planning parties and cooking over the holidays can become very stressful. Unfortunately getting started with a new year can also feel very slow. Suddenly everything that lies ahead in the year ahead might seem less exciting than it did before. Every new year comes with its challenges, and with those challenges comes a lot of stress. Without proper time for relaxation, it won’t be long till you find yourself feeling exhausted and unable to keep up the pace once again.

But what if you could make relaxation part of your daily schedule? With a jetted walk-in tub, you could do that without much hassle. A tub fitted with massage jets could make bath time feel like a visit to a local spa.

Aren’t Walk-in Tubs for Old People?

No, definitely not. While it’s true that walk-in tubs are primarily designed to make it easier for handicapped and elderly persons to get in and out of the bath, anyone can use a walk-in tub. Massage jets help to relax your muscles, meaning walk-in tubs are perfect for people who spend large amounts of time doing office work in front of a computer, as spending long hours sitting every day can lead to muscular stiffness. The hydrotherapy massage jets also make walk-in tubs ideal for athletes and people who regularly work out.

The great thing about the Meditubs that we install for our customers at Knoxville Walk-in Tubs is that most of them are able to fit in the same space as a standard tub, meaning you won’t have to remodel everything in your bathroom to fit your Meditub. With regular whirlpools, it often isn’t as easy. Many homeowners have had to change their entire bathrooms to fit a whirlpool.

Not all walk-in tubs come with the same features, while some function as both tubs and showers, others are only tubs. And while it’s not quite as common, some walk-in tubs aren’t even jetted, so be sure to ask for a jetted tub when shopping around. Most tubs can have either air or water jets, and some tubs can be fitted with both.

What Other Features Do Walk-in Tubs Have?

A relaxing massage while you bathe is definitely an attractive feature in walk-in tubs, but there are other features that make walk-in tubs a great choice. Built-in safety features, like non-slip surfaces for instance, makes bathing a safer experience for seniors and handicapped persons, meaning your walk-in tub could come in handy whenever you have elderly guests. Many walk-in tubs also have the ability to regulate water temperatures while you bathe, so you can enjoy your massage without having to worry that your bathwater will get cold.

The Benefits of A Relaxing Bath

Taking a nice, hot bath is one of the most relaxing things you can do every day. Bathing has been proven to relieve stress and make people feel more lighthearted and optimistic. Bathing also helps to relieve muscle pains because the warm bathwater acts like a giant hot pack that helps to relax all your muscles. It’s also been suggested that a hot bath taken shortly before going to bed can help you fall asleep more easily. And of course, getting in a good night’s rest comes with a whole lot of other health benefits. Better sleep can be linked to a stronger immune system and increased mental focus throughout the next day.

But just when you think the health benefits of taking a bath couldn’t get better, there’s even more. Have you ever noticed that your sinuses feel more open after a hot bath or shower? That’s because the steam you breathe in while taking a hot bath helps to clear your nasal passages while reducing any inflammation. Meaning that a bath is also the perfect remedy for colds, flu and seasonal allergies.

Salt baths have been popular for thousands of years, and with good reason. On top of all the other benefits your daily bath can offer you, researchers have suggested that adding just a bit of regular table salt to your bath could help to relieve arthritis pain by reducing inflammation in joints.

Even just a regular bath already offers health benefits that go far beyond keeping yourself clean. With added massage jets, you’ll have the benefit of more effective muscle relaxation, increased blood circulation and increased flexibility. While improved flexibility can reduce the chance of a muscular injury, improved circulation has been linked to health benefits like better absorption of nutrients, faster healing, better heart health and reduced muscle stiffness.

What should be clear, is that bathing is much more than just an ordinary part of your personal hygiene routine. When done right, your daily bath should be cleaning both body and mind. While staying clean is definitely healthy, bathing clearly has health benefits that go far beyond avoiding nasty skin infections. Bathing truly helps your body stay healthier from the inside out by relaxing your muscles – which, in turn, can only lift your mood and make you feel better both emotionally and physically long after you got out of the bath.

With everything that you still need to do in this coming year, don’t you think it’s time to spoil yourself with a luxurious bathing experience in your own home?