Revitalize Your Body for Spring with a Walk-in Tub

Revitalize Your Body for Spring with a Walk-in Tub

Quick question: what do bath time and springtime have in common? Well, they’re both equally refreshing, of course! And while the comfy heat of your bath might have been a soothing way to escape the cold temperatures in the winter months, bath time can be just as enjoyable throughout spring and summertime.

What makes springtime so refreshing is the excitement that comes with seeing everything come alive again. Spring is a time of new beginnings, making it the perfect time to commit to healthier living. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave yourself out when planning your new beginning.

Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself. By getting a luxury jetted walk-in tub and combining the relaxing massages with invigorating scents, you’re off to a good start to better health and relaxation this new season!

Using Essential Oils in The Bath

Not everyone believes in the health benefits of essential oils. But no matter what you believe, there’s no doubt the exuberant scents are pleasantly calming. In fact, the use of essential oils for treating health problems goes back as far as ancient times. In modern times, science has proven that breathing in the pleasant aromas from these oils triggers parts in the brain connected to positive emotion.

What this means is that using essential oils in the bath can literally be something you do solely based on what smells you like. You don’t have to buy into a strange form of pseudoscience to benefit from using them. If you, like many other people, find the scents calming, then the benefits of stress relief speak for themselves.

However, aromatherapists have some guidelines as to which oils are more likely to help you treat certain problems than others. So why not try out using essential oils for some of your everyday health concerns? Here are some common problems you can treat by using essential oils while soaking up in your walk-in tub.

Essential Oils for Insomnia

You can use any oil that you like in the bath to help calm yourself down. So if you find that a scent helps you feel more relaxed, go for it!

That said, certain oils are believed to have a more calming effect than others. To help with insomnia, it’s important that you take a bath just before going to bed in order to help calm your nerves.

Oils that particularly associated to help with to reduce stress and anxiety include:

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Lemon
  • Chamomile

Try adding a few drops of these to you bath, and maybe even play around with different recipes combining the oils.

Essential Oils for Sore Muscles

Unlike with stress reduction, there are specific oils that help soothe aching muscles more than others. Combined with the jets on your walk-in tub, bath time will become like a visit to the spa! Using the right oils should help to loosen up sore muscles, so if you find int difficult to move throughout the day, try starting your days with a massaged bath with that’s got some essential oils added to it.

The best oil to help alleviate muscle pain is peppermint oil. It’s the number one must have ingredient in any muscle-soothing bath. The cool feeling you get from the menthol in peppermint is great for pain relief! But apart from peppermint, here are some other oils you could add to your bath:

  • Lavender
  • Jojoba
  • Clove
  • Citrus

Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Who knew you could treat dry skin by taking a bath!

Dry skin can be a pain to deal with. And you’ll often find that using more moisturizer isn’t effective. Have you ever used a lot of moisturizer on your dry skin only to wash it off hours later in the bath? That’s because all moisturizers usually contain three ingredients: water, glycerine and beneficial oils. The liquid part of your moisturizer is easily absorbed into your skin, while the oils tend to form a layer on your skin after the water is soaked up.

Oil and water don’t really mix, so you might benefit from separately spritzing water onto your skin, and then rubbing it in before going on to use oil. Either way, avoid using so much lotion that it forms residue, as this residue will just gather dirt during the day and block your pores.

Much like oils that help you relax, there are plenty of good oils that help to keep your skin hydrated. You could even mix some of these oils into your daily moisturizer, or add it to some olive oil and apply it to your skin after taking a soothing bath. Just remember to rub the olive oil in thoroughly. While many people think using olive oil will be messy, it soaks into your skin surprisingly well if you massage it enough.

Here are some good picks choices to help your skin look glowing. As mentioned, you could apply these to your skin directly, or add them to your bath:

  • Neroli
  • Germanium
  • Chamomile
  • Orange blossom

If you’ve got all the oils you need but you’re not sure where to get a jetted walk-in tub, feel free to get in touch with Knoxville Walk-in Tubs. We’ll help you pick the right tub for your needs and install it in your bathroom. Our tubs all fit the same space as a standard tub, so there won’t be any need to remodel your whole bathroom.

And remember, the advice in this article isn’t intended to replace advice from a trusted health care professional. If you’ve got problems that go beyond everyday aches and pains, it’s always best to visit your doctor.