Picking a Walk-in Tub – Features

Picking a Walk-in Tub – Features


Fill and Drain Time.

It can require a long investment to fill and deplete your tub and when you are wet, you may rapidly get frosty sitting tight for the tub to deplete. Ensure that your tub has installations that fill the tub rapidly. The best walk in tubs will fill in less than 6 minutes. Some other extremely well known walk in tubs may take up to 15 minutes to fill.

Deplete times run shape 90 seconds to 5 minutes or more. 2″ channels and numerous channels speed deplete time.

Situate Size and Height.

Many walk in tubs are not huge inside and require leeway for internal opening entryways. Ensure that the seat is sufficiently extensive for solace and no less than 17″ high for simple utilization. Low seats are difficult to stand up from. A few makers don’t give these estimations. Request these estimations in composing before you resolve to purchase.

In and out door

Outward versus Internal Opening Door:

Outward opening entryways require freedom for the entryway and imply that you have to move any help hardware, similar to walkers, off the beaten path to close the entryway. Outward opening entryways can likewise blast open, flooding the washroom and whatever is underneath it, if the bather neglects to legitimately bolt the entryway before filling.

Internal opening entryways won’t open accidentally, however require leeway to swing the entryway close while the bather is standing the tub region. This can be refined by having an fold up seat, or by changing the state of the entryway and making within the tub bigger to clear the bathers knees. There is additionally an ensnarement issue for internal opening entryways. In the event that the bather slips off the seat into the footwell, then the entryway can’t be opened.

Warmed Seats.

An approach to make your tub more charming is to have warmed seats in the tub so you don’t chill while sitting tight for the tub to fill and deplete. This is essential in walk in tubs on account of the profound footwell and amplified fill and deplete time.



It is important to have fixture sets that are safe to use.

Pressure balance valves set the mix of hot and cold water, but need to be readjusted every time you bath or shower and can have temperature fluxuations due to other household water demand.

Thermostatic limiters are pressure balance valves with an upper temperature limit control to prevent scalding.

Thermostatic valves offer precise temperature control and anti-scald limits. This is important for those that cannot feel temperature changes due to paralysis, nerve damage or that have cognitive challenges that might make it easier to mix up the temperature controls.

3/4″ high flow valves fill faster than 1/2″ valves. High-flow fixtures 15 gallons or more per minute, standard fixtures fill at 6 gallons per minute. This makes a big difference in how fast your walk-in tub fills. Higher flow fixtures are worth the extra investment.

A handshower with a glide bar enables stand-up showering in a walk-in bathtub.

Water or Air Hydrotherapy Choices:

Water jets are stronger than air jets. Water jets should be cleaned month to month and can harbor microscopic organisms so you ought to get a programmed ozone purification framework with water fly frameworks. Air jets needn’t bother with ozone. It is essential that you get some information about whether the air blower or water jets are warmed. On the off chance that you blow chilly air into the tub it will chill rapidly. Furthermore, dependably get some information about the sound levels of the water pump. A few pumps have an indistinguishable sound levels from a jet taking off and others are to a great degree calm. You may not be permitted to utilize a water pump in a loft because of the uproarious fan commotion.


Shower Doors versus Drapes

Blinds are more affordable than shower entryways. Generally a corner bar should be utilized and the shower window ornament should be abbreviated. Shower entryways can’t be utilized on all models of tubs, and must be top-hung for walk in baths. Just some walk in baths have the correct setup and deck configuration to oblige sliding glass entryways.


The standard walk in bath shading is white. Most walk in baths are additionally accessible in an assortment of stock hues, for example, bone, scone, and almond. Non-white toilets are more costly than option hues, so it might be more prudent to put in a white tub and put in another white latrine to coordinate.

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