Make Your Bathroom Wow Worthy

Make Your Bathroom Wow Worthy

Like many other people, you might be facing mobility issues that are causing you to consider to buy a handicap bathtub. But with all the options available out there, how will you know what to choose? You know getting a walk-in tub will make your life easier, but you’re not sure what to choose when it comes to all the extra bells and whistles you can choose from.

Truth is, you don’t direly need any of the extra features walk-in tubs can offer, at Knoxville Walk-In Tubs, we offer a basic soaker that works pretty much like any normal bathtub, only with a few added safety benefits, like a door to make it easier to get in and out and a seat to help you sit more comfortably.

Essentially, our soaker is much like an ordinary bathtub that’s safe to use even if you aren’t as flexible as you used to be. There’s nothing incredibly special or out of the ordinary about it, just a tub that functions like any other tub. While that isn’t a problem, you should know that you can get a walk-in tub with many more features.

You’ll be surprised to learn about the level of luxury walk-in tubs can allow you to experience. All in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Built-In Massage System

If you’re like most people, there’s a good chance your muscles often get tired and start aching. When was the last time you treated yourself to a relaxing massage at the spa? Probably not very recent. But what if you could enjoy a relaxing massage every day?

You might be thinking it isn’t possible, but with a premier walk-in tub you can get exactly that. Many of the Meditubs we install for our customers have massaging jets that use a hydro and air system to gently massage you while you’re bathing.

Because of the extra features, premiere walk-in tubs offer health benefits that an ordinary soaker won’t provide you with.

Stress Relief

Believe it or not, simply reducing your stress levels might be one of the biggest health benefits of using a walk-in tub. This isn’t because there aren’t any other health benefits, but because stress-related conditions are such a big problem in modern day society.

When you experience stress, your body reacts to it not only mentally, but also physically by increasing your heart rate and increasing blood pressure and even blood sugar. If high stress only lasts for a short amount of time, this response is meant to give you more energy to face any potential threats. The problem is that many people are way too stressed nowadays.

Too much stress can lead to various health problems. The following health problems can result from too much stress:

  • Bruxism is a condition where people clench their teeth. While this might not very serious at first glance, those who suffer from bruxism often clench their teeth so much that they ruin them entirely.
  • Tinnitus is that constant buzzing you might hear that never seems to go away. In many cases it’s caused by ear damage, but it can also be caused (or worsened) by stress.
  • Stomach pain, heartburn and nausea are all possible indications of too much stress.
  • Chronic stress can eventually lead to depression or anxiety disorders.
  • Bad dreams are can possibly be caused by too much stress throughout the day.
  • Muscle, neck and back pain are commonly associated with stress.
  • Stress often results in a higher susceptibility to colds, flus and other minor illnesses.

If you’re experiencing any serious mental or physical health problems that can possibly be related to stress, don’t neglect visiting your doctor or psychologist to get a proper diagnosis. Meditubs are great to supplement other health treatments, but they aren’t meant to replace them.

Sore Joint And Muscle Relief

The combination of warm water and hydro massage therapy can do wonders to improve blood circulation by opening up blood vessels, helping oxygen to flow through your body. Because of the relaxing massages Meditubs give, you’re likely to find that they help ease pain caused by arthritis.

While soaking in a regular hot tub for about twenty minutes seems to be a good way to relieve joint pain, a massage will further help to make bathing more effective for pain relief .

To get the most out of your massage, some experts advise drinking a glass of water after you’re done. This is because massage, even if your body was largely immersed in water, can apparently cause you to lose some fluid from soft tissues. Many massage therapists also believe that it helps to rinse toxins that were released during the massage. Whichever way it goes, drinking some extra water surely can’t hurt.

Hopefully you can see now that getting a Meditub installed in your bathroom doesn’t mean your days of luxurious bathing are over. In fact, they’re probably only beginning! On top of all the health and safety benefits of using a walk-in tub, you’ll find that you don’t even have to compromise on looks, there are many beautiful designs available. So why not give walk-in tubs a try? Chances are you won’t regret it.