Keeping And Caring For The New Bathtub Installation

Keeping And Caring For The New Bathtub Installation

Great job on your bathtub assembly. To get as many baths, soaks and tub areas out of it as possible, you need to properly care for your tub in a way that moves beyond simply washing it.

Basic Washing

For everyday tub cleanings, gentle liquid cleansers are the most effective choice, but ensure you browse the label to see if the product is maximized for your acrylic tub. Rather than turning to harsher chemicals for those stubborn stains, use a mild detergent made for mildew and all-purpose cleaning. Always use caution with detergents and cleaners that may contain bleach, as they might harm your tub’s surface finish.

Anti-Slip Surface

To properly clean the bottom part of your tub designed to keep you from moving, area cleaning agent you aren’t using soak for about five minutes before lightly scrubbing it with a nylon brush with brush bristles that are no harder than patients of a toothbrush.

Hard Stains

Calcium supplement deposits, water stains and soap scum are typical when it comes to bathtubs. Use white vinegar and specially-formulated cleaning products to get the best results that won’t harm the top of your tub. Be sure to carefully rinse the grime and solution in order to avoid staining afterwards. To prevent hard water unsightly stains in the future, look into installing a home water softener or showering head made specifically for reduce hard water.


Any bathmats you use should be removed after every bath or shower so that they don’t harm the tub’s bottom. For the best mat, be certain the contractor who installed your tub so that you can acquire the right kind for your specific tub material.