How to: 10 Steps to Take A Detox bath

How to: 10 Steps to Take A Detox bath

How to Make a Detox Bath

In healthy living circles, the idea of doing cleanses and detox of the body have been around for a long time. But one of the newer buzzwords has been taking detox baths. And while many people think you may need to visit a spa, it is one of the easiest methods of detox to do right from your own home! A detox bath is a great way to help facilitate our body’s natural detoxification process.

In the world we live in, we are surrounded by toxins and because of this; the need to detox our bodies is greater than ever. There are toxins in the air we breathe, the food we eat (both at restaurants and in the food we buy from stores), the medicine we take and in many cases, the water we drink. The toxins in our body can cause irritation and harm us on the inside if left.

The body is built to naturally remove contaminants from within and detox us, but it’s not a cure all, and with so much being pushed into our bodies it can’t always keep up with all the toxins getting stuck inside us. A detox bath is an amazing way for us to help the body to flush out toxins.

Time for some depressing facts…

The list of toxins and places you can get pollutants into your body is nearly endless. And it starts the moment you wake up: from your morning shower that bathes you in water that is contaminated with pollutants, the soap and shampoo is fused and built with all sorts of chemicals, toothpaste with fluoride, and your breakfast where the food has most likely been covered in pesticides or even possibly genetically modified.

Now with that short look at what most people’s mornings look like, you can see how easy it is for toxins to get into our body and why doing a detox is so important.

  • 2,100 toxins, including pesticides, herbicides, PVCs, are all active and present in our water supply
  • 80,000 metric tons of carcinogens are pushed into North American air every year.
  • Over 80% of food has genetically modified ingredients
  • The EPA estimates that the average person has residues from over 400 toxic compounds in their body at any given time.
  • 82,000 chemicals are in use today across America, but a conservative guess is that one forth has not been checked for toxicity.

With so many toxins and chemicals in the air today, it’s no wonder our bodies can’t keep up with the detox process. And adding a detox bath into your daily routine can help to limit the amount present in your body, build a stronger immune system, and help you just feel better overall.

Why Take Detox Baths

A detox bath is one of the easiest ways to help the body get all the toxins out of our bodies. Most detox baths are done with the use of Epsom salt, this helps to not only draw the toxins out, but it also has its own health benefits that will help to revitalize your body!

  • Ease stress and improves sleep and concentration
  • Help muscles and nerves function properly
  • Regulate activity of 325+ enzymes
  • Help prevent artery hardening and blood clots
  • Make insulin more effective
  • Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
  • Improve oxygen use
  • Flush toxins
  • Improve absorption of nutrients
  • Help form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins
  • Help prevent or ease migraine headaches

10 Steps To Make A Detox Bath

  1. Add 5-10 drops essential oil to 2 cups Epsom salt, then dump the mixture into your bathtub as it is filling up.
  2. You need to make sure your bath is pretty warm. The goal here is to make a nice sweat so the pours are open and the body is working to push the toxins out, but don’t make it too hot so that it scorches the skin.
  3. If your bath water is not filtered, add 1 cup of baking soda as this helps neutralize the chemicals, primarily chlorine, as well as increase mineral absorption.
  4. Immerse yourself in the water. You want as much of your body underwater as you can. If you have a jetted tub, kick the jets on, close your eyes, and enjoy yourself for 20 mins or so.
  5. Once you are done soaking, rise out of the tub very slowly and cautiously. You may feel a little dizzy and light-headed but it should pass quickly.
  6. Be sure not to use any harsh soaps or chemicals on your skin during or after the detox bath. As the heat and salt have opened up your pores so it will just absorb all the chemicals into you.
  7. Once you have dried off, use some body butter or other natural lotions to finish off your nice relaxing bath. Avoid any perfumes or creams with added chemicals in them as your open pours will draw in all the bad from them quickly.
  8. Do not eat immediately before or after taking a detox bath.
  9. Be sure to hydrate yourself with filtered water before, during and after you take a Detox bath because the heat and sweat will drain you.
  10. Allow time after your bath to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy how great your body will feel!