Enjoy baths again, with our handicap tubs!

Enjoy baths again, with our handicap tubs!

It’s been said that one of life’s little pleasures is being able to soak in a hot tub and just let the worries from the day slip away. But when you have a serious physical handicap, taking a hot bath in a regular tub comes with a never ending list of problems. Thankfully, at Dr. Recommended Tubs, we specialize in making bath time relaxing and enjoyable, as it should be.

People who have never been disabled or never cared for someone with a disability, might not realize how difficult bathing can be.

The first hurdle, can literally be a hurdle to anyone without the full use of their legs, and that is getting into a bathtub with normal sized sides. Having to climb over the side of the tub can be a challenge for anyone with a handicap,  combine that with the bottom and sides being slippery from getting wet, can make getting out an extra difficult task when the bath is over.

The struggle is not over once the handicapped person is in the tub. Keeping their head above water can be a challenge that many people living without a handicap never think of when caring for family who has special needs. When a person has no movement or feeling in their legs and they are laying down enjoying a good soak, it can be very easy to slip down in the tub and find yourself having to struggle to push yourself back up into a comfortable position.

In normal bathtubs, many handicapped people are forced to sit up, which solves the issue. But it also takes away the enjoyment of a fully immersed warm bath. Who wants half their body exposed while taking a bath?

The last issue that a handicap person faces with bath time is getting out, which is pretty much the same issue as getting in, except now they and the tub are all wet and slippery, creating quite a challenge.

Many people who have handicaps often have a caregiver or a family member who helps them in and out of the bath. And while this help is great to have, and takes away some of the risks and issues discussed above, the handicap person and their caretaker are both still at risk of suffering an injury. Also, having someone with you while you take a bath, means that there is no privacy and diminishes your dignity. 

But there is a way around this! Specially designed handicap bathtubs can be installed in the bathroom and make life and bath time easy and enjoyable once again. These handicap-tubs are made for the handicapped or physically challenged so they can take a bath unaided, unless the severity of their disability is so great that they really can’t do it without assistance. For most, with the help of a handicap-tub, it is possible to take a bath unaided and in privacy again.  Handicap-tubs are different in design to a regular tub in a few key areas:

  • There is a waterproof door in the side, facilitating entry and exit without having to climb over anything, there is also a seat inside so you can take the bath in a seated position. Having a bath chair built into the bathtub means it is easy to transfer from a wheelchair into the tub and then back again for safety. 
  • Since a handicap-tub was built with comfort and the needs of the person bathing in mind, the walls are much higher than a normal tub. This allows you to still enjoy a fully immersed bath, but from the safety of a seated position. There is no risk of slipping or being left half exposed in the tub, which is great for anyone who enjoys a tub full of hot water, for that relaxing, nice feeling of escape that baths can offer.
  • The sides and floor are made of a non-slippery surface to minimize slipping.
  • The physical size of the bath makes it look short and squat because it is built for a seated soaking, not for laying down in. All round, it’s a great design that is much easier to use unaided than a regular tub.

A handicap-tub is a great way to reclaim your bathroom and be able to enjoy your time in it again. If you or a loved one needs a handicap-tub, we would love to help you get one that meets your family’s needs today! Give us a call today and receive $1200 off the price of a handicap-tub!

Barry Smith

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