Fresh April Senior Activities

Fresh April Senior Activities

Spring has sprung! And with it nice weather, which means it’s a great time to get out and do more things. An active life can help to keep you healthy and being active is so much easier in the spring. As the weather is nicer and nature is blooming all around you.

In the spirit of spring we wanted to share this awesome article about events and holidays in April you can celebrate, enjoy, and maybe find some new things to do and try! It breaks te month down day by day and is packed full of ideas and events. Give it a read and let us know what ones you tried out!

If you’ve found this page for April senior activities, spring is probably here, or you’re gearing up for it! we share lots of ideas, crafts, activities, and food especially for April – both special commemorations for the month, and also plenty of fun calendar dates for you to consider… […]

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