Fighting Back the Fear of Falling

Fighting Back the Fear of Falling

No one likes falling, but as a senior it could mean more than a sore spot for a day or two. The fear of falling can cause you to put off, or not do, things you should be or need to be in order to live a healthy life. This article goes over ways to help you fight your fear of falling by small modifications to both your home and your body.

Let’s face the facts – we all get old, it’s inevitable. And when we get old, we, for the most part, are not as fast or nimble as we used to be. The body can weaken with age and sometimes you just aren’t quite as sure of your footing or your balance as you once were and this can lead to trouble. According to the CDC it is estimated that one in every three adults age 65 and older falls, and the most common cause of traumatic brain injury is linked to these falls. Aside from the potentially fatal results of falling are the severe injuries sustained including hip fractures and broken backs. Even if a fall is not fatal, the fear of it occurring can severely limit your life.

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