Would Your Olympian Benefit From A Handicap Tub?

Would Your Olympian Benefit From A Handicap Tub? The Olympics are almost here again and most athletes have already begun preparation for the grueling competition that awaits them. From putting in extra hours of practice, to rigorously cutting back on unhealthy foods, athletes are now in the final stretch of training before the big day arrives. Because the Olympics are only held once every four years, a very large amount of these athletes won't be able to take part more [...]

Three Amazing Recipes For Your Next Bath!

Everyone enjoys being clean, but do you prefer a bath or a shower? We did the research to find out which is better when it comes to your health! There are some very good reasons for taking a relaxing and luxurious bath. The problem is, most of us feel we just don’t have the time to slip into the tub and enjoy a nice leisurely bath everyday and many people think that a shower is more hygienic, so it [...]

Caring for Sick Spouse May Raise Stroke Risk

Husbands and wives who feel the strain of caring for a sick or disabled spouse are at a higher risk of stroke than those who do not have to care for their significant other, a new study suggests. Your own health and comfort needs to be something you keep in mind while caring for a loved ones. Finding ways to make your own life relaxing and comfortable can greatly reduce the risk of you hurting yourself in the long [...]

Baking Soda Baths

Did you know that baking soda can be used for more than just cooking? When used right, baking soda can take your warm & relaxing bath to the next level and turn it into a healthy detox so you feel even better when you get out! Baking soda is a great detox tool that is safe to use, regardless of your age. Today, when there are so many artificial and harmful chemicals being put into our food, water and [...]

How to: 10 Steps to Take A Detox bath

How to Make a Detox Bath In healthy living circles, the idea of doing cleanses and detox of the body have been around for a long time. But one of the newer buzzwords has been taking detox baths. And while many people think you may need to visit a spa, it is one of the easiest methods of detox to do right from your own home! A detox bath is a great way to help facilitate our body’s natural [...]

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