Hydrotherapy Tubs

On the off chance that you have never invested energy in a hydrotherapy tub, you are in for a treat. Hydrotherapy utilizes water to treat a throbbing painfulness, both in exercise based recuperation and in regular daily existence. It exploits water's normal properties to relieve stress. Regularly, tubs like these are situated in spas, however it is turning out to be increasingly prevalent for individuals to introduce them in their home bathrooms with the goal that they can appreciate [...]

Work-Life Balance: How to Care for Your Parents and Yourself

Although juggling yourself and your parents can be stressful, there are ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance while caring for your elderly parents. In honor of Working Parents Day on September 16, here are some guidelines for balancing your job with caring for your parents. When people talk about balancing working and parents, they typically mean being working parents and balancing their home life with their family life. However, as American continues to age, the phrase “working parents” can [...]

Top Home Tech for Seniors

Technology can help keep seniors closer to friends and family without having to expend too much energy, if they are unable, therefore aiding in depression. Check out this article to see apps and products that are great ideas for seniors to have. As aging in place continues to rise, seniors are increasingly looking towards technology to stay safe and connected. From personal alert systems to cell phones and tablets, seniors are embracing technology and all of its benefits. Whether [...]

How to Prevent Slips and Falls in Your Parent’s Home

Falling is the biggest concern for seniors and their loved ones. However there are ways to help prevent falls both inside and outside the home. Although slips and falls are hazardous to aging adults, with a little preparation and a few simple home modifications, you can help keep your parents safe by preventing falls in your parents’ home. When your parent(s) begin to age, a major concern about their health is the possibility of a dangerous slip or fall in [...]

Aging at Home vs Aging at Nursing Homes

Aging at home may seem like a big chore for you as a care taker, and the ideal situation as a senior. Most of the time it boils down to cost, which may really surprise you if you haven’t already done any research. When starting to age, a family is often faced with the decision of whether their loved one should age at home or age at a nursing home. There are many factors to consider while weighing the [...]

Aging at Home vs Aging at Nursing Homes

Aging at home may seem like a big chore for you as a care taker, and the ideal situation as a senior. Most of the time it boils down to cost, which may really surprise you if you haven’t already done any research. Although it may be uncomfortable, take time to sit down with your parents and have an open, honest discussion about how they want to approach aging. Being on the same page will make the planning process [...]

Handicap Accessible Bathing Options

Just because someone isn't quite as mobile as most people doesn't mean they don't want to feel refreshed after taking a bath or shower. But someone who's handicapped will have different needs when it comes to bathing. In order to make bath time relaxing and enjoyable, measures can be taken to help handicapped people with common problems. To accommodate wheelchair bound persons, as well as other handicapped individuals, a few options are available to make bath time easy again. If [...]

Top 5 Essential Oils for Arthritis

Having arthritis is not something anyone likes to live with, but most people will eventually get. It can range from mild pain to crippling your activities. Knowing what to do when you’re arthritis is acting up is always a plus, and natural remedies are even better. As we all know, arthritis comes in form of many different diseases. According to the CDC data, there are over 200 different forms of arthritis. However, one thing that is common to most [...]

Safety tips for seniors who live alone

Most seniors want to be able to age in place, but a consequence of that can be there is lots of time when they are alone. But knowing how to prepare your surroundings in case something happens is a big step for making sure that it doesn’t get worse. Not only are older adults more susceptible to falling, but they're also at higher risk of falling victim to thieves and criminals, according to Health in Aging. Safety and security [...]

5 winter activities that make great exercise

It can be hard to get out and be active during winter, especially as temperatures drop by the day! But this season has many of its own activates to offer that you can take full advantage of. And that means there's an opportunity to melt calories, too! This winter, don't settle for a gym membership to stay in shape. Take advantage of all of the fun activities the season offers! Here are a few examples of how to spread [...]

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