Handicap Tubs Help Bathroom Safety

Physical disabilities and mobility problems are difficult to deal with. Handicapped and elderly family members, like other reasonable people, prefer to have a sense of independence. While not all handicapped people desire the same level of autonomy in day-to-day activities, personal hygiene is something that your handicapped loved one will want to take care of by themselves. After all, you wouldn't like if someone had to help you in the bathroom either. Sadly, many elderly and handicapped people aren't able [...]

Walk-In Tubs Provide Hydrotherapy for Senior Citizens

  Have you ever heard of hydrotherapy?  We often think of hydrotherapy as the process of hydrating one’s body by drinking water.  This is often referred to as Internal Hydrotherapy, and is an ancient form of healthcare for individuals who desire to reap the benefits from natural minerals found in spring water.  Unfamiliar to the general public, however, is External Hydrotherapy - a holistic form of medicine that involves shooting water (through jets) onto an individual’s body in order to [...]

Handicap Accessible Bathing Options

Just because someone isn't quite as mobile as most people doesn't mean they don't want to feel refreshed after taking a bath or shower. But someone who's handicapped will have different needs when it comes to bathing. In order to make bath time relaxing and enjoyable, measures can be taken to help handicapped people with common problems. To accommodate wheelchair bound persons, as well as other handicapped individuals, a few options are available to make bath time easy again. If [...]

Essential Bathroom Basic Safety Tips

One from every three adults 65 and older fall every year, with falls being the main reason behind both fatal and nonfatal accidental injuries among those for the reason that age group category, accounts the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC). Luckily, there are extensive ways to avoid and decrease the threat of slips, falls and other damages, in the bathroom particularly. We've come up with a set of the 10 essential bathroom basic safety tips that will help [...]

Starting the New Year in Luxury

Now that the holidays are over it's time to get back to everyday life. At first, that might seem like a good thing. Planning parties and cooking over the holidays can become very stressful. Unfortunately getting started with a new year can also feel very slow. Suddenly everything that lies ahead in the year ahead might seem less exciting than it did before. Every new year comes with its challenges, and with those challenges comes a lot of stress. [...]

Keeping And Caring For The New Bathtub Installation

Great job on your bathtub assembly. To get as many baths, soaks and tub areas out of it as possible, you need to properly care for your tub in a way that moves beyond simply washing it. Basic Washing For everyday tub cleanings, gentle liquid cleansers are the most effective choice, but ensure you browse the label to see if the product is maximized for your acrylic tub. Rather than turning to harsher chemicals for those stubborn stains, use a [...]

Some reasons why you should consider a walk-in bathtub

The Knoxville Walk-in Tubs is much safer to use than the usual bathtub. Slipping and falling in the bathtub or shower can be fatal. Many people have died or have become seriously ill after a fall in the bath tub. Some of which were Ann B. Davis of The Brady Bunch who died from a bathroom fall and George Burns, who fell in his bathtub at the age of 99 and immediately after developed pneumonia and passed away. Falling [...]

Bathroom Safety Products for Seniors: Adding Grip to Your Bathroom to Prevent Falls

Do you have someone in your family that requires uncommon necessities? Maybe a senior who needs help when moving around the house or a relative who is physically debilitated? Physical impediments can keep a man and his or her friends and family from living regularly and securely inside their own particular home, yet the uplifting news is that things can be added to make your home a more secure place. Certain parts of the house are inclined to mischances, [...]

The Benefits of Having Walk In Tub Manufacturers Install Your Walk in Tub

Adding a walk in tub to your bathroom can incredibly build the personal satisfaction for those in your home who are debilitated, as well as every other person. The expansion gives all clients (counting kids) more autonomy in a protected and basic way that gives all included true serenity about utilizing the bath tub. When you find the walk in tub that you cherish, the subject of installation rings a bell. Will you need to replace your present tub? [...]

Give the Gift of Independence with a Walk-in Tub or Shower

It's an unfortunate part of life – as people age, they become more fragile, forgetful and dependent on others to help them with everyday things. Everything from cooking meals to taking a bath can become dangerous. Depending on how mentally and physically unfit an elderly person is, they might really not be able to live alone. But independence is something elderly people value as much as anyone else. That's why the best gift you can give your elderly loved ones [...]

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