Perfect Spring Senior Activities

It’s spring time! The nice weather is all around us, which means it is the perfect time to get out and do things. Staying active and enjoying the world around you is a great way to stay healthy, keep your mind engage, and feel like you are getting the most out of life. If your scarce on ideas on what to do, here is an article with some great ideas and tips for activities to spice up your spring and [...]

10 Signs a Person Needs Help

Are you worried about a loved one? Not sure if it’s time to step in and help them or not? Well here is a great article that goes over 10 signs that an elderly person is in need of help. These aren’t end all be all signs, but they are good early warning signs and could be a great gateway to talking to a loved one who might be in need of some extra help. As people age, [...]

Ten Ways to Make an Elderly Person’s Home Safer

As we get older our homes need to be changed and rearranged a bit to make it a safer place. Not just in the bathroom but all areas might need small tweaks here and there to increase safety and make moving about them easier. We found this great list of 10 home changes that are on the easier side to make, and can help to make your home a lot safer! As loved ones age, family members may have [...]

Fresh April Senior Activities

Spring has sprung! And with it nice weather, which means it’s a great time to get out and do more things. An active life can help to keep you healthy and being active is so much easier in the spring. As the weather is nicer and nature is blooming all around you. In the spirit of spring we wanted to share this awesome article about events and holidays in April you can celebrate, enjoy, and maybe find some new [...]

Could Modern Medicine Be Harming Older Patients?

As a next step, patients, payers, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies need to work together to ensure that the elderly are represented throughout the drug development process. Physicians are often in the dark when it comes to treating the older patients. As our population ages, we need to ensure that we are actually helping, and not harming, older adults. As we all age, we need to be asking questions, learning about the drugs they are wanting to put in our [...]

Be Amazing and Fit After 50

This article is a great list of ways to enjoy your life after you have moved passed the age of 50. Give this list of 14 ideas a look-over, and see which ones might be a great addition to your life, or let us know what ones you are already doing. Enjoy life, stay healthy, and then remember to go home and enjoy a nice soak in your tub to unwind!

Three Amazing Recipes For Your Next Bath!

Everyone enjoys being clean, but do you prefer a bath or a shower? We did the research to find out which is better when it comes to your health! There are some very good reasons for taking a relaxing and luxurious bath. The problem is, most of us feel we just don’t have the time to slip into the tub and enjoy a nice leisurely bath everyday and many people think that a shower is more hygienic, so it [...]

Take a Relaxing Bath

Everyone loves a nice bath! Here are some great ideas on how to set up your bathroom to be a relaxing place you can't help but want to go home to and enjoy every night. From mood music, to ways to infuse your bath water this article will give you lots of great ideas on how to get going and make your bathtime great! And don't forget to pick up some great scented candles to fill the room with [...]

Caring for Sick Spouse May Raise Stroke Risk

Husbands and wives who feel the strain of caring for a sick or disabled spouse are at a higher risk of stroke than those who do not have to care for their significant other, a new study suggests. Your own health and comfort needs to be something you keep in mind while caring for a loved ones. Finding ways to make your own life relaxing and comfortable can greatly reduce the risk of you hurting yourself in the long [...]

Baking Soda Baths

Did you know that baking soda can be used for more than just cooking? When used right, baking soda can take your warm & relaxing bath to the next level and turn it into a healthy detox so you feel even better when you get out! Baking soda is a great detox tool that is safe to use, regardless of your age. Today, when there are so many artificial and harmful chemicals being put into our food, water and [...]

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