Top 5 Essential Oils for Arthritis

Having arthritis is not something anyone likes to live with, but most people will eventually get. It can range from mild pain to crippling your activities. Knowing what to do when you’re arthritis is acting up is always a plus, and natural remedies are even better. As we all know, arthritis comes in form of many different diseases. According to the CDC data, there are over 200 different forms of arthritis. However, one thing that is common to most [...]

Safety tips for seniors who live alone

Most seniors want to be able to age in place, but a consequence of that can be there is lots of time when they are alone. But knowing how to prepare your surroundings in case something happens is a big step for making sure that it doesn’t get worse. Not only are older adults more susceptible to falling, but they're also at higher risk of falling victim to thieves and criminals, according to Health in Aging. Safety and security [...]

5 winter activities that make great exercise

It can be hard to get out and be active during winter, especially as temperatures drop by the day! But this season has many of its own activates to offer that you can take full advantage of. And that means there's an opportunity to melt calories, too! This winter, don't settle for a gym membership to stay in shape. Take advantage of all of the fun activities the season offers! Here are a few examples of how to spread [...]

The truth behind America’s ‘dropping’ dementia rates

Rates of a disease going down is always a good thing to hear, but those headlines can be deceiving. Knowing how they came to those numbers is always something good to find out. Likewise, knowing a bit more can help uncover the best steps toward preventing or living with dementia. Recent research has found that the proportion of older adults living with dementia in the U.S. has dropped in the last decade, but overall, more and more Americans are [...]

What are activities of daily living?

As a guardian, you're continually paying special mind to your adored one's wellbeing and general prosperity. To decide a man's present condition of versatility and regardless of whether some level of help is required, you ought to address how well they perform exercises of day by day living. Activities of daily living are the tasks people should be able to perform on an everyday basis without the need for assistance. There are two main groups: basic ADLs and instrumental [...]

Benefits of Aromatherapy on Dementia

Aromatherapy can be helpful in many ways. But aromatherapy is using those smells to benefit those with Alzheimer's or dementia conditions. There are many ways you can introduce aromatherapy into your home: candles, melts, and even walk-in tubs! When you're in a bad mood, what do people typically advise you to do? Take a deep breath in and out. But some take that one step further and light up some aromatic scents. Turns out aromatherapy isn't just good for [...]

6 Benefits of Exercising as you Age

Exercising is an important factor in keeping your body running at peak performance. It becomes even more important as you age, exercising helps keep your body “oiled up” and running smoothly. Making time for physical activity has always been important. But as you age, exercise becomes even more crucial. It boosts your energy, as well as helps you maintain your independence and manage symptoms of illness and chronic conditions, according to Helpguide. No matter how nutritious your diet may [...]

Staying connected through technology: 6 benefits for seniors

Technology is a part of everyone’s daily life in the here and now, so why not take advantage of that? An old dog can always learn new tricks and this article helps you get started. Your parents can enhance their everyday routine with technology. By using staying connected and using technology to its fullest advantage, your parents can enhance their everyday routine. Here are six ways your loved ones can benefit from staying connected: Read More Here

Enjoyable hobbies for seniors

Getting out and being social can be hard sometimes, but the benefits are innumerable. Getting your mind working will help keep you younger for longer and set off dementia and the like. Getting your body active will help you to be more independent later in life. A hobby is an excellent way to socialize, to explore an old interest and to stay active. For older adults, joining a class or pursuing a new activity is an excellent idea. Here [...]

Top 5 Ways for Seniors to Stay Active…Even During the Winter!

Winter can be the worst time of year for people, especially elderly, to get sedentary. Sitting on the couch or in bed seems a lot more enjoyable than going outside in the cold weather. Just because the temperature has gone down for the year, doesn’t mean that your activity schedule should. This article gives you simple but effect ways to keep your activity up, even in the cold months. You can’t avoid winter cold and weather, unless you’re living [...]

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