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Enjoyable hobbies for seniors

Getting out and being social can be hard sometimes, but the benefits are innumerable. Getting your mind working will help keep you younger for longer and set off dementia and the like. Getting your body active will help you to be more independent later in life. A hobby is an excellent way to socialize, to explore an old interest and to stay active. For older adults, joining a class or pursuing a new activity is an excellent idea. Here [...]

Top 5 Ways for Seniors to Stay Active…Even During the Winter!

Winter can be the worst time of year for people, especially elderly, to get sedentary. Sitting on the couch or in bed seems a lot more enjoyable than going outside in the cold weather. Just because the temperature has gone down for the year, doesn’t mean that your activity schedule should. This article gives you simple but effect ways to keep your activity up, even in the cold months. You can’t avoid winter cold and weather, unless you’re living [...]

5 Must-Have Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

Everyone dreams of being able to grow old in their home where they have lived the majority of their lives. These home modifications will help you or a loved one be able to live in their home for a much longer time span. These cover simple things as well has home renovation ideas. If a senior relies on mobility aids, such as a walker or wheelchair, to navigate through her home, widening doorways is a must-have home modification. Depending [...]

12 Daily Living Aids That Make Life Easier

As we age, simple things become more difficult. Luckily, we have small gadgets and gizmos that can aid these tasks when they become too difficult on our own. This article goes over some common items people have that can help with your daily routine. If you have a hard time reaching things overhead, either because you’re short or because of pain in your joints, a smart, simple way to make this part of your life easier is by using [...]

Essential Bathroom Basic Safety Tips

One from every three adults 65 and older fall every year, with falls being the main reason behind both fatal and nonfatal accidental injuries among those for the reason that age group category, accounts the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC). Luckily, there are extensive ways to avoid and decrease the threat of slips, falls and other damages, in the bathroom particularly. We've come up with a set of the 10 essential bathroom basic safety tips that will help [...]

Preventing Falls is One of the Critical Aspects of Home Care

Falls are the biggest fears when you have an elderly loved one living on their own. And for good reason, falls can start a deteriorating cycle in loved ones. But there are ways you can help prevent falling, and this article goes over a few. Shockingly, injuries resulting from falls kill tens of thousands of seniors each year. Falls affect nearly 1 in 3 seniors annually–about 300,000 seniors will suffer a quality-of-life threatening incident this year. It follows [...]

Fighting Back the Fear of Falling

No one likes falling, but as a senior it could mean more than a sore spot for a day or two. The fear of falling can cause you to put off, or not do, things you should be or need to be in order to live a healthy life. This article goes over ways to help you fight your fear of falling by small modifications to both your home and your body. Let’s face the facts – we [...]

The Best Bathroom Modifications for Senior Independence and Safety

No matter how independent you are, slipping in the bathroom is a big risk for seniors. With so many factors aiding to your falling, there are some preventive measures you need to take if you plan to age in your own home. This article covers modifications that anyone can to do their home, without bringing in a renovation specialist. Stepping in and out of the tub can be a daunting task for seniors. To make transitioning into the [...]

Starting the New Year in Luxury

Now that the holidays are over it's time to get back to everyday life. At first, that might seem like a good thing. Planning parties and cooking over the holidays can become very stressful. Unfortunately getting started with a new year can also feel very slow. Suddenly everything that lies ahead in the year ahead might seem less exciting than it did before. Every new year comes with its challenges, and with those challenges comes a lot of stress. [...]

Keeping And Caring For The New Bathtub Installation

Great job on your bathtub assembly. To get as many baths, soaks and tub areas out of it as possible, you need to properly care for your tub in a way that moves beyond simply washing it. Basic Washing For everyday tub cleanings, gentle liquid cleansers are the most effective choice, but ensure you browse the label to see if the product is maximized for your acrylic tub. Rather than turning to harsher chemicals for those stubborn stains, use a [...]

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