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5 Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs Over Standard Tubs

Everybody has distinctive requirements with regards to their bathing background and, for a few, those necessities far surpass what they can accomplish for themselves. A wide range of individuals can profit by installing walk-in bathtubs instead of standard tubs. From added wellbeing to simpler cleaning and more independence for seniors, debilitated individuals, and kids when bathing, anybody considering the switch will find a few motivations to cement their choice. Accommodation Everybody who utilizes walk-in tubs as a part of [...]


Shower Curtain for Accessible Tubs & Showers

Looking to spruce up your bathroom? Do you have a Walk-in Tub or Walk-in Shower and feel you can’t hang up a shower curtain? This article goes over what’s best to use when it comes to adding a shower curtain to change the look of your bathroom while remaining accessible to your needs. If you are renovating your bathroom to make it more user-friendly for aging needs, or are trying to optimize the bathtub or shower space for someone using [...]


Beginner’s Guide to Accessible Showers

Have you recently found yourself in a situation where you or a loved one need care when it’s time to take care of personal hygiene? You’re trying to evaluate all your options. Read this post on how a walk-in shower might be a good option for you. An “accessible” shower is one that’s user-friendly and optimized with design elements that readily work for everyone. Read the article here