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Best Type of Toilet for a Wheelchair User

As we age the bathroom gets harder and harder to use alone, be it for baths or if you "gotta go". We have founf this article to help those in a wheel chair find the best toilet bowl for them. What is the best toilet for a wheelchair user? The answer to this will depend on the size of the bathroom, structure of the bathroom’s walls, type of wheelchair used, and physical needs of the individual. We have identified a [...]

Walk In Tubs With Chromotherapy: The Effects of Chromotherapy on the Mind

Walk-in tubs frequently come with a wide range of spa elements that the client can look over. These are relaxing and restorative, as well as healing in a few ways. Individuals looking to appreciate these spa elements may have known about hydrotherapy or fragrant healing some time recently, however one other spa highlight that gives off an impression of being broadly neglected is chromotherapy. This is the utilization of hues to adjust diverse energies inside the body keeping in [...]

Walk-in Tubs: Get the Facts

Are you looking into getting a walk-in tub but want to make sure you have all the facts? Check out this article to make sure you cover all your bases. A Walk-in tub is a bathtub designed to make taking a soaking bath easier for persons who have trouble stepping over the wall of a standard bathtub and/or persons who experience difficulty getting up from the floor of a standard bathtub. Check out the article here

How Can a Walk-in Tub Help My Arthritis?

Many people might not know that arthritis isn't a disease in itself, but rather an umbrella term used to describe aching joins. There are more than 100 diseases associated with arthritis. And while most people who suffer from joint pain are older adults, arthritis can affect people of all age groups. In the US, there are more than 50 million people suffering from arthritis. What's surprising is that more than 300,000 of these arthritis sufferers are children. The most common [...]

Other Bathroom Safety Features That Complement Your Walk-in Bath Tub

Since the greater part of household mishaps unfold in the bathroom, it is just smart to install security features in it, particularly when an elderly or disabled individual uses it. Simply think of every one of those wet surfaces, including the floor; the combo of water and electrical outlets; and the precarious errand of climbing in and out of tubs… Can you imagine all the painful conceivable outcomes that can happen? With navigating the bathroom so hazardous, how would [...]

How to Make Soaks in Walkin Bathtubs Even More Beneficial

In the wake of a prolonged day, whether you spent it toiling, socializing, or even simply lounging around the house, there's nothing superior to a decent soak in a steaming shower. It is an exceptionally soothing, relaxing top to your day, whether you had a decent one or an offensive one. On the off chance that you or some individual who lives with you has some portability issues, then you should consider looking at walkin bathtubs. These are the [...]

What If Your Shower Is Too Hot or Too Cold?

No one likes stepping into an over hot shower. Or worse, a freezing cold one! This article covers some things to check out if you’re playing temperature roulette at bath time When the weather outside is cold and frightful, one of the most comforting places to head is the shower. Nothing feels better than a warm stream of water taking away the stress of the day, leaving you warm and relaxed and ready to take on the world once [...]

Bathtubs For Elderly People – What Are My Options As I Age In My Home

In any case, there comes a point where doing ordinary undertakings can get to be troublesome. For some individuals this turns into an issue as we age. Your portability reduces, and out of the blue doing basic assignments that you underestimated in the past turns out to be extremely troublesome. The bathtub is a standout amongst the most unsafe places in the home if your portability is restricted. Lifting your leg over the side of a tub is setting [...]

Plumbing Tips For Redoing Your Bathroom Fixtures

You want to take comfort in your bathroom. Don’t let bad decor distract you from your relaxing time in the tub. Of course you’ll need a little knowledge on how to go about this on your own. Your bathroom needs to be a place where you can relax in the solace of a long soak after a hard day at work. It should be a place that is bright and clean – no one wants to use a bathroom [...]

Pros and Cons of Walk-in Tubs

Have you recently found yourself in a situation where you or a loved one need extra attention when it’s time to take care of personal hygiene? You’re trying to evaluate all your options. Read this article from Angie’s List about the pros and cons of having a walk-in tub. Entering and exiting a bathtub are times when many mishaps can occur. Walk-in bathtubs can be an easy solution to this problem. These special tubs, which typically have doors that [...]

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