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Handicap Tubs For Bathroom Safety

Bath time doesn’t need to be a struggle if you have physical disabilities. There is a wide range of handicap tubs that let people reclaim and enjoy their bath time once more. If you or someone one you love has a physical disability then you may want to look into a handicap bathtub to help make their life easier and more enjoyable. One of the most popular tub designs among handicap tubs is the “walk in” bathtub. This is the [...]


Walk-In Tubs save you thousands!

Cost is the single biggest issue many people seem to have when choosing to buy a walk-in tub or not. Many will say they would like one or even need one but the cost is what they have an issue with. For families struggling with the purchase decision, we want to examine the economic question of what the cost could look like if you didn’t have a walk-in tub and extra care was needed to stay in your home. [...]